During the 1980’s and through the last years, Alfred Schwartz investigated the North Fork of Long Island, especially Riverhead to Orient Point, chronicling the austerity and starkness of this area

Ivy Covered Building 1994
He Has Risen 1977
Miniature Golf 1971
Hi! 1971
Donate Blood, 1985
Flanders Duck 1986
Black Shadow and Canopy 1986
Ten 1988
White Door 1988
Twin Columns 1986
Mustang, 1985
Sunset Motel 1994
Arrow 1994
Lawn Jockey
House with Awnings
Free Bottles, 1985
Brick Wall With Trash Can 1984
Salt Marsh, Eastern Long Island 1983
Snow on Tracks 1994
Lifeguard Chair 1976
Dry Docked Boat 1984
Queen Anne's Lace and Chains 1972
Barn 1972
House and Snow 1990
Positively No Thoroughfare
Birch and Volvo, 1985, North Fork Long Island, NY
Truck in the Queen Anne's Lace, 1985
Tree in landscape, 1985
Gas Pump
Billboard 1982
Stainless Steel Tanks
Detour 1994
Rock in Snow 1982
Robert Plant, 1984
Gas Containers
Cellar Door
Car Shrouded
Tuthill Funeral Home
Casablanca 1986
House with Big Sky
Twin Phone Booths
House on Bay
Windmill House
Mike Richter Photography
Windows and Ivy, 1985
Channel Markers
Exhaust Fans
Big Duck, Flanders LI
Boarded up Building, 1982
Statue of Liberty 1985