Photographs from the 1950’s through the 1980’s of New York City

World Trade Center
World Trade Center, 1972
Tugboat Frances McCallister 1971
Continental Army Plaza, Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn 1984
When You're Having More Than One Canal Street, 1971
77 Water Street 1983
New York Skyline from Brooklyn 1969
Kentile. 1959
Nixon For President, 1960
Norfolk and Western, New Jersey, 1959
Lilien Hardware, Houston St. 1972
Schaefer, Marlboro Man, Canal Street 1971
Continental Plaza Graffiti, Roebling Street Brooklyn 1984
Marlboro Country, Atlantic Avenue, 1972
Car Rows, Downtown Manhattan 1959
Pepsi, LIC
Far Rockaway Bungalows, 1959
Menthol Mist, Long Island City 1980
Debbie Reynolds
Pennsylvania Railroad 1972
White Power
C,mon Up, Vernon Avenue, LIC 1980
Manhattan Bridge
Rauert Bros Truck, 1960
Brand & Son, Grand Street, NYC, 1972
McDonald Car Wash
World Trade Center
New York Central
Gotteher's Bar
John Lennon's Rock
Bus and man stepping on trash can
Junkyard Cars
Girl and truck with Empire State Building
Mt Zion Jewish Cemetery 1980, You can see the Schwartz Mausoleum
West Broadway and Greenwich Street
Pushcart on Pearl Street, 1960