Man smoking
Coney Island Carny Jerry Simon, 1959
Angry Lady, 1959
Teen on trash bin 1959
Little Princess, 1958
AWAKE, Better Times Ahead, 1974
Men, 1959
African American Worker I 1992
African American Carrying Sack 1992
African American worker 1992
Man With Coke, 1976
$500 Winner, 1972
Alfred Schwartz 1984
Florida friends 1976
Florida man with Coke 1976
Florida Family 1976
Big Hair
Construction Worker
Easter Bonnet
Peace, 1971
Ice Man 1976
Beer Drinkers
Sandy's Lobsters
77 Water Street 1983
Erin Go Bragh
Man Sitting on Car
Guy Searching inTrunk
Pennsylvania Ride Needed
Beach Ladies
Woman with Big Hair
Older Man
Rabbi reading book,1974 NYC
Big Hair
Man in Lower Manhattan
Man in Easter Parade, NYC 1974
Man With Magnifying Glass
Coney Island
Coney Island Women, 1959
Coney Island Men, 1959
Black Sheik, 1972
Club and Bouncer, 1973 New York City
Coney Island Women
Two men
Coney Island Men